Favorite Travel Buddy


Who do you like to travel with? A close friend? A family member? That very special someone in your life? I have traveled with all of the above and enjoyed all of the trips and the special bonding times. But, my very favorite person to travel with is my husband of 35 years- Jim. What comes to mind when I think of traveling with Jim? The very fun and exciting times: Our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Thailand. When we threw out the budget and celebrated achieving a mile-stone that a lot of people never achieve. The scary times: When we crossed the Mexican border in our RV, hit a light sensor, and we and everything that we had with us became property of the Mexican government. Or the time driving the RV through the “maze” in the California Bay Area and had 2 fender benders within 10 minutes. The relaxing family fun times: camping and boating with the kids at Trinity Lake in northern California. Visiting the southern California desert with my parents and sitting in the sunshine and knowing that the people at home are getting rained on (that’s what I’m doing right now). I’ve enjoyed all of it. 

Happy birthday, Jim. I am so looking forward to spending 2 months in France with you this fall. 

Author: travelingwithcheri

There are 2 things that I really enjoy in: real estate and travel. I have been able to incorporate both of those interests in my life. I am able to work as both a real estate broker/agent and travel advisor. When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling with my husband.

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