Soup & Sunshine


Thailand in January. I love to escape to sunshine during the cold winter months and it was another warm, well hot really, beautiful day. We hired a guide and drove to the famous floating market (that’s another blog). After somehow folding ourselves into an extremely shallow boat and fighting our way through the market boats, we were floating along on the back cannels. Piers with friendly dogs running on them lined the cannels. More piers headed away from the cannel and served as pathways to the houses that were built on stilts to raise them above the water level.

Way back there, away from the shopping crazed crowd, we came across this man selling soup. Our guide bought some for us and we continued our float in the hot sunshine now holding bowls of hot, noodle soup with broth from the noodles dripping down our chins (no napkins of course). It was really very good! And a day I will always remember. Since then, I have wondered where he washed his dishes.